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Here's what i have so far : controller :

public abstract class MyController {
   public void handleAllExceptions(Exception e) {
      // stuff

and my web.xml :


And when an unexpected exception occur, the handle works, the stuff is done, but i'm not redirect to /error.htm

Instead i'm still on the same page, but a error 500 is printed by apache.

What did i miss ?

Thanks :)

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I think you need to return the view you want to show.

public String handleAllExceptions(Exception e) {
  return "error.jsp"; /* use the correct view name */

@see: Spring 3 Controller Exception handler implementation problems for some examples

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return "redirect:/error.htm"; with the redirect: it works ! Thanks :) –  Maxime ARNSTAMM Jan 21 '11 at 16:06

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