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I'm new here. I am currently working on a Silverlight application (SL4) with Ria Services. I use the MVVM pattern. My question is, has anyone any experience or idea, whether it is possible to implement a role-based access control at the field level. Both sides should it be dynamic. Permissions of a role should be adapted for the fields.

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Yes definitely.
Read this article, at section 'Defining Access and profile properties'.

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I support field level access in my application. PrincipalPermission - roles seperate from permissions

I had to create my own code access security attribute and a view to assign permissions to roles.

I discovered that permissions are hierarchical in nature.

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Permission](
    [id] [uniqueidentifier] NOT NULL,
    [parent_id] [uniqueidentifier] NULL,
    [applicationmodule_id] [uniqueidentifier] NULL,
    [action] [nvarchar](255) NOT NULL,

SecurityModuleAccess -> UpdateUser -> ResetPassword

Something that may help in assigning permissions to roles #TreeListView

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