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im trying to remote debug my webpart... i can sucessfully attach to the remote process but my breakpoints do not load... can anyone help me?
PS ive checked the "modules" but my assembly is not loaded there...
PS2 my dll is GAC deployed and i am the admin of both the dev and server
PS3 the pdb files are on the bin folder of the application... inetpub/.../9090/bin

I was wondering if i can force the "modules" to load a given dll... is it?

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Does Visual Studio have full red circles for your breakpoints? If not, hover over the hollowed out circle and see if it gives you any messages. Typically debugging fails if it cannot find any PDB files. – tomasmcguinness Jan 21 '11 at 16:50
yes, there is a circle but they are not "filled"... and the pdb files are on the bin folder of the application folder... the dlls are on the GAC – Leonardo Jan 21 '11 at 18:46

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Is debugging enabled in the web.config of the target web application?


The section on PDB loading says:

The first place searched is the directory where the binary was loaded. If the PDB file is not there, the second place the debugger looks is the hard coded build directory embedded in the Debug Directories in the PE file.If the PDB file is not in the first two locations, and a Symbol Server is set up for the on the machine, the debugger looks in the Symbol Server cache directory. Finally, if the debugger does not find the PDB file in the Symbol Server cache directory, it looks in the Symbol Server itself.

You need to move the PDB into the same folder in the GAC, or into the same path that you built the assembly from.

Use this method to enable viewing the GAC folders

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yes it is... the web.config is seted to debug – Leonardo Jan 21 '11 at 19:00

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