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I have three tables: Scenarios, Components and Blocks. Blocks has a foreign key to ComponentId and Components has a foreign key to Scenarios.

Blocks also has a foreign key (TreeStructureId) to another table TreeStructures.

Now, why does this work:

ObjectQuery<Blocks> blocks = edumatic3Entities.Blocks.Include("TreeStructures").Include("Components.Scenarios");

It loads the TreeStructures, Components and Scenarios.

This however doesn't work:

ObjectQuery<Blocks> blocks = edumatic3Entities.Blocks.Include("Components.Scenarios").Include("TreeStructures");

This loads the Components and Scenarios but doesn't load the TreeStructures...

Seems very strange to me... Why is this?

thx, Lieven Cardoen

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have you tried to reproduce the problem by loading a clean edmx with a northwind db? –  Davy Landman Jan 26 '09 at 8:03
Seems like I fixed the problem not knowing why. Probably did something stupid. thx. –  Lieven Cardoen Feb 2 '09 at 8:13

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Did you properly set the relations between the entities in your logical model? Is it set up in a way that allows navigation from Scenarios s to TreeStructures? Having a foreign key is not enough afaik.

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Yes, it is set, otherwise I guess the first example of code wouldn't work either. That's the strange thing you see. It's like the order of the Include matters... –  Lieven Cardoen Jan 25 '09 at 18:40

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