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My source files are located under src and my test files are located under tests. When I want to run a test file, say python, I get an import error: "No module named".

How do I import all the modules from source needed to run my tests?

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You need to add that directory to the path:

import sys

Maybe put this into a module if you are using it a lot.

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If you have a better suggestion, feel free to post another answer ;) – Thomas Jan 21 '11 at 16:21

If you don't want to add the source path to each test file or change your PYTHONPATH, you can use nose to run the tests.

Suppose your directory structure is like this:


You should import the module normally in the (e.g. from package import module). Then run the tests by running nosetests in the project folder. You can also run specific tests by doing nosetests tests/

The in the tests directory is necessary if you want to run the tests from inside it.

You can install nose easily with easy_install or pip:

sudo easy_install nose


sudo pip install nose

nose extends unittest in a lot more ways, to learn more about it you can check their website:

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The best (most manageable) solution appears to be using a virtualenv and setuptools/distribute to install andebelopment copy of your (src) package. That way your tests execute against a fully "installed" system.

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