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My question is, what is the best practice for turning a null=True field into a null=False field using Django South. Specifically, I'm working with a ForeignKey.

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Do you know what the new default value will be for the foreign key column after null=False? Rather, will it be same for all or will some special processing need to take place to determine what it will be? Will there be a default? What database are you using? – mkelley33 Jan 21 '11 at 17:23

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You should write first a data migration: and then make the schemamigration.

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If you want to turn nullable ForeignKey into non-nullable one, then it can be problematic if you have any rows with NULL for that field (column). In such case you need to either remove or fix them - possibly with custom data migration, like diegueus9 mentioned in the other answer.

But if you don't have any rows with NULL in that column, e.g. because you put that null=True only in case you might need it in the future, then you should be able to do a simple automatic schema migration:

$ ./ schemamigration myapp remove_null_from_fkey --auto
$ ./ migrate myapp
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