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I have been searching for this answer and can't seem to find anything, but with EF4 I want to create a base model and put in our 'foundation' and any new project we create if we need to add custom tables to that sites db is it possible to add a model with just those specific tables and link it to the model in our 'foundation' I can't seem to find a good resource on something like this and this seems to be like it would be a normal thing to have a reusable base model and a separate one for any one off's

Thanks for any help or pointers!

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2models1database eek :p – Daniel DiPaolo Jan 21 '11 at 17:13

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Yes - in a way.

You would end up having two separate, distinct Object contexts - one from your "foundation" with the basic tables and classes, and another from project-specific model.

Trouble is: you cannot move entities from one context to another... so as long as those entities never have to interact in any way, then you'll be fine.

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That Makes sense, thats a bummer though because they would have to interact with the base model... :( Thank you for your help!!! – Josh Jan 21 '11 at 16:56

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