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And i can't seem to figure it out. Here's one of the lines it has trouble with:

hourToReadOut = currentHourInt - 12;

hoursToReadOut and currentHoursInt are both integers from the .h file. currentHourInt is always set to something.

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This error is given when you assign a pointer to an integer:

int *intPtr;
int intVar;
intVar = intPtr - 12;

It looks like currentHourInt is a pointer, not an integer, are you really sure it's not?

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in the .h file i had put 'int *hourToReadOut'. that's why. i couldn't figure it out, thanks for that. thought it might've been something obvious that i was missing. – Andrew Jan 21 '11 at 17:28

Did you maybe declare one as a pointer to an int? NSInteger* when you meant NSInteger or int* instead of int? Or is one perhaps an NSNumber object from which you should be calling intValue?

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