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I am developing an iframe facebook app.

At some point, I open a facebook friends dialog on to which I have put a html button, so that I can add some logic specific to my app.

dialog = FB.ui({
                fbml: (
                    '<fb:request-form  target="_self" action="http://devel.home.net/facebook/?cmd=fb_submit_form" ' +
                        'method="post" invite="false" type="event" ' +
                        'content="Would you like to attend the '+fb.EVENT.displayName+' event? &lt;fb:req-choice url=\'http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid='+fb.EVENT.details.fb_event.id+'\' label=\'Respond now\' /&gt;" >' + 
                        emails.join('') +
                        '<input type="hidden" fb_protected="true" name="event" value="'+fb.RESPONSE.id+'"/>' +
                        '<fb:multi-friend-selector email_invite="false" import_external_friends="false" exclude_ids="'+appUsers+'"'+
                            'condensed="true" showborder="false" bypass="cancel" actiontext="Invite your friends to join" /> '+

                        '<br/><fb:request-form-submit import_external_friends="false"/>' +
                    '</fb:request-form>' + 

                    '<div style="padding:10px">You are also sending '+fb.EMAILS.length+' invitations via email</div>' + 
                    '<button id="email-button">Send Emails</button>'
                    size: { width:640, height:480}, width:640, height:480


Basically, Facebook creates an iframe for the dialog

So I attach an onload handler to the iframe and I try to access the button

At that I get the permission denied error

Permission denied for <http://devel.home.net> (document.domain=<http://home.net>) to get property HTMLDocument.ownerDocument from <https://www.facebook.com> (document.domain=<https://facebook.com>).

Is there any workaround?


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Sorry, but No ;) –  Martin Jespersen Jan 21 '11 at 17:04
Thanks guys for the help –  Thomas Jan 21 '11 at 18:03

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You cannot perform Cross-site scripting (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross-site_scripting) particularly to a network such as Facebook.

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Only possible way is using either a flash or a silverlight object.

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