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Table1 with
CityID(foreign key from Table2) 

and Table2 with


I am using LINQ to SQL to retrieve data. When I try to oderby CityName I get the following error: base {System.SystemException} = {"Could not format node 'Link' for execution as SQL."}

Here's my LINQ code to retrieve data :

var Person = from person in db.Table1 
                orderby person.Table2.CityName
                select person;

Can someone point me why its causing the above mentioned error.


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Based on this bug report and my own testing (I was able to reproduce this), it looks like your Table2.CityName property may have Delay Loaded = True in the dbml designer.

Apparently you can't order by a delay-loaded property, so changing Delay Loaded to False on your Table2.CityName property in the DBML designer should take care of it.

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Thanks Shaun..yes it was delay loading which was causing the problem. –  Sampat Jan 22 '11 at 9:14
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