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Does anyone know where can i get the icefaces-facelets.jar do i have to downloads the 1.8 specification? is it compatible?

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Use default facelets for your configuration. IceFaces do not have its own anymore and they started to use the default instead. So in pom.xml you could have for example:

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With icefaces 2 you don't need the icefaces-facelets.jar anymore. Depending on your coding you need the icefaces.jar and the icefaces-compat.jar or even the new icefaces-ace.jar.

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icefaces 2.0 is based on jsf 2.0, which comes already with facelets, so you don't need any facelets jar. You can find more info in this SO question:

JSF 2.0 and Facelets

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