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I have seen several Matlab contributions at the Mathworks' file exchange site where the authors use the option "-DranSHR3" when compiling with mex. I checked the mex, the GNU GCC and the Microsoft's cl documentations, but found nothing.

Any thoughts on what this option is used for? Where can I find more details about it?


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The option -DranSHR3 defines the preprocessor Symbol ranSHR3 which in turn selects the SHR3 random generator instead of the default one.

Here you can read about Matlab's random generators.

Here I found a somewhat long comment about SHR3.

At least in Matlab R2010b the default generator for random streams is Mersenne Twister which is a very good choice. SHR3 compared to Mersenne Twister could be faster, I don't know. What is sure is that SHR3 has worse random properties than Mersenne Twister, for starters it has a shorter period of 2^64 instead of MT's 2^19936-1. Here is the corresponding Matlab documentation.

Perhaps the popularity of SHR3 stems from older versions where Mersenne Twister wasn't the default or for compatibility?

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Thanks @Peter G. Why is SHR3 more popular than the default random generator? Where can I learn more about this? –  user815423426 Jan 21 '11 at 17:45

-D is usually used to set a macro: it should be equivalent to putting a

#define ranSHR3

in any source file.

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