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I have a template field within a GridView to display a checkbox in edit view and some custom text in normal view.

The results of the query to populate the grid are coming back in a DataSet.

In the edit view I can't get the checkbox to accept the column that is retuning from the DataSet (which is in T/F format) as it says its not the correct type. Even if I return "true" or 1 in the column it still dosn't work.

I take it I need to convert but can't get the syntax correct in this context

              <asp:CheckBox ID="cbPostToFarm" runat="server" Checked='<% Bind("BOOL_COL")' />
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Use the GridView DataBound event to set the value. Inside of the DataBound event:

Ensure the row you are working with is not a Header/Footer row.
Create a reference to the CheckBox.
Create a reference to the data that is being bound.
Mark the CheckBox checked when appropriate.

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I got round the issue by not binding directly to the dataset but creating a strongly typed list.

I'm sure there must be a syntactical trick to get the checkbox to bind directly to a DataSet but for the sake of a simple type I gave up looking.

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This seems working for me (.net Visual Studio 2010)

<asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Ordered" SortExpression="Ordered">
                            <asp:CheckBox ID="ID_CKBOX" runat="server" 
                            Checked='<%#Eval("ordered") %>' />
                        <ItemStyle Width="8px" />

Where 'ordered' is the one of the db field of select statement.

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