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I just want my app to start a browser and load an URL. I am using this code that compiles and runs on simulator, but nothing happens.

#include <QtGui>
#include <QDesktopServices>
#include <QUrl>

 int main(int argc, char *argv[])
   QApplication app(argc, argv);

   return app.exec();

Is it possible that there is something missing in my simulator( e.g browser), because i can't move through menus or do anything else (no menu at all). I have only installed Nokia Qt SDK (read this tutorial

Thank you.

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The simulator isn't an emulator - it doesn't emulate the entire OS, so you can't use it test code like this that launches the platform browser, and running the simulator won't give you a home-screen with menus and applications.

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Tnx, i am coming from Android and was naively expecting this. Didn't know difference between simulator/emulator. – DixieFlatline Jan 22 '11 at 15:16

You could download the Symbian^3 SDK for Nokia devices 0.9 and Qt 4.6.3 and try it out on the provided emulator, it emulates the OS and allows you to run native Symbian C++ as well as Qt applications. Takes a while to set up, but is very useful for development.

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