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If I can't do this would the process for getting the data be: 1) Have my server get the rss data from the desired rss feed. 2) Have the server parse the data. I don't know what rss looks like but I assume some parsing is needed to display it for a user to read. 3) Send the data to the javascript client.

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Or you can use the API of Google Feed to load a RSS Feed and parse it as you need. :) I think is a interesting option.

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You can use Yahoo's YQL system just for this. A decent link via Google:

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I don't think it is. A JavaScript script can't retrieve files from domains other than the one it was served from, be they RSS or anything else.

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I believe u can.

Make an ajax request to php script, then that php script fetch the rss and then pass the result back to your javascript

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Another option is to use postrank's api. or

They have some options to filter or return only the top posts. plus you can pass it a callback for jsonp fun.

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