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I have a table-valued function called fn_SplitCommaSep, which comma-separates a text field (from 'a, b, c' to 3 rows: a b c)

How can I join this to a table, taking a table column as an input?

For the purpose of this, say the table MyTable has 2 columns, Id and TextWithCommas, and that table-valued function fn_SplitCommaSep produces one column called TextWithoutComma

eg. something like one of these

select fs.TextWithoutComma
  from fn_SplitCommaSep(select mt.TextWithCommas from MyTable) fs 


select fs.TextWithoutComma, mt.Id
  from MyTable mt
    inner join fn_SplitCommaSep(mt.TextWithCommas) fs on (something)
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Storing comma-separated values in a DB aside, take a look at APPLY

So something like:

SELECT fs.TextWithoutComma, mt.Id 
FROM   MyTable mt 
    CROSS APPLY fn_SplitCommaSep(mt.TextWithCommas) AS fs
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Perfect, thanks! I appreciate you taking the time. Point taken with comma-sep values... Boyce-Codd wouldn't be happy, case of the least-worse solution :-) –  mos Jan 22 '11 at 0:45
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