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Is there a library in python that works like this?

>>> resolvePath("", "anotherpage.html")
>>> resolvePath("", "folder2/anotherpage.html")
>>> resolvePath("", "/folder3/anotherpage.html")
>>> resolvePath("", "../finalpage.html")
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Yes, there is urlparse.urljoin, or urllib.parse.urljoin for Python 3.

>>> try: from urlparse import urljoin # Python2
... except ImportError: from urllib.parse import urljoin # Python3
>>> urljoin("", "anotherpage.html")
>>> urljoin("", "folder2/anotherpage.html")
>>> urljoin("", "/folder3/anotherpage.html")
>>> urljoin("", "../finalpage.html")
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in python3 use from urllib.parse import urljoin. – user904550 Jan 17 '13 at 4:59
@user904550 I have added this to the answer. Now there is automatic compatibility – Uli Köhler Dec 26 '15 at 2:37
For a RFC 3986 and unicode compliant replacement, see uritools. – Marian Feb 22 at 9:43

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