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I'm using Hibernate Validator and would like to resolve the category's name in an error message. Consider this simple scenario:

public class Category {
    private String name;

public class Product {
    @HazardousCategoryConstraint(message = "{haz.cat.error}")
    private Category category;
    private String name;

public class InventoryReport {
    private List<Product> products;

haz.cat.error={name} is a product in the hazardous category list.

Assume that I have a working implementation of HazardousCategoryConstraint. The validator checks each Category's name against a list of restricted names. When I call validate(InventoryReport) I get the number of errors I expect except they are the same string. I'd like to see the Category's name resolved into each message. Can someone point me to an example of how to resolve parameters dynamically, or show me how to?

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What you ask for is: how to put a value in the error message string? -- is this correct? –  Ralph Jan 22 '11 at 15:24
@Ralph - that's correct, but more specifically I want it to be dynamic. I have many instances of Categories with unique names. –  Loc Nguyen Jan 24 '11 at 21:20
But the names you want to put in the message are known to your validator, right? –  Ralph Jan 25 '11 at 8:14

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IMO, the simple solution is to create custom implementation of javax.validation.MessageInterpolator. Delegate the main work to Hibernate Validator's ResourceBundleMessageInterpolator and do the required replacement work in CustomMessageInterpolator.

public class CustomMessageInterpolator extends org.hibernate.validator.messageinterpolation.ResourceBundleMessageInterpolator {

    private static final Pattern MESSAGE_PARAMETER_PATTERN = Pattern.compile( "(\\{[^\\}]+?\\})" );

    public String interpolate(String message, Context context) {
        String resolvedMessage = super.interpolate(message, context);
        resolvedMessage = replacePropertyNameWithPropertyValues(resolvedMessage, context.getValidatedValue());
        return resolvedMessage;

    private String replacePropertyNameWithPropertyValues(String resolvedMessage, Object validatedValue) {
        Matcher matcher = MESSAGE_PARAMETER_PATTERN.matcher( resolvedMessage );
        StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();

        while ( matcher.find() ) {
            String parameter = matcher.group( 1 );

            String propertyName = parameter.replace("{", "");
            propertyName = propertyName.replace("}", "");

            PropertyDescriptor desc = null;
            try {
                desc = new PropertyDescriptor(propertyName, validatedValue.getClass());
            } catch (IntrospectionException ignore) {
                matcher.appendReplacement( sb, parameter );

            try {
                Object propertyValue = desc.getReadMethod().invoke(validatedValue);
                matcher.appendReplacement( sb, propertyValue.toString() );
            } catch (Exception ignore) {
                matcher.appendReplacement( sb, parameter );
        matcher.appendTail( sb );
        return sb.toString();



public void validate() {
        Configuration<?> configuration = Validation.byDefaultProvider().configure();
        ValidatorFactory validatorFactory = configuration.messageInterpolator(new CustomMessageInterpolator()).buildValidatorFactory();
        Validator validator = validatorFactory.getValidator();

        Product p = new Product();
        Category cat = new Category();
        cat.setName("s"); //assume specified name is invalid

        Set<ConstraintViolation<Product>> violations = validator.validate(p);
        for(ConstraintViolation<Product> violation : violations) {


s is a product in the hazardous category list.
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How can I set custom message interpolator for constant JPA use? –  alexsmail Aug 20 '13 at 7:42
Just an OO thing: Instead of extending Hibernate Validator's ResourceBundleMessageInterpolator I would rather use a delegate in CustomMessageInterpolator to be independent of Hibernate internals. –  Stefan Haberl Jun 10 at 11:01

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