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I have an activity that is launched from another activity through an intent. The intent carries an extra "id" information. Now, the launched activity has a custom view (actually, a extension of LinearLayout class). I want to access the "id" information in the custom view. Can the activity pass that value to its contained view? Or can the view get a handle to the activity?

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Yes, your custom View class can get a reference to the Activity it is contained in. Every View has a getContext() method which returns the Context the View is running in (i.e. your Activity).

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Perfect. Thanks for the answer. – pballs Jan 23 '11 at 7:47
Can you then just cast the context to your Activity, and use that to access the Activity's methods and member variables? – Tenfour04 Feb 11 '11 at 1:11


First you have pass id with the intent like

Intent i=new Intent(getApplicationContext(), sample.class);
i.putExtra("id", id);

it pass the value to sample class


String i=getIntent().getExtras().getSerializable("id").toString();

& you can use this id in your custom view

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make a method in your view that takes the id as a parameter, and then call that method from your activity.

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