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Does there exist some sort of persistent key-value like store that allows for quick and easy incrementing, decrementing, and retrieval of integers (and nothing else). I know that I could implement something with a SQL database, but I see two drawbacks to that:

  1. It's heavyweight for the task at hand. All I need is the ability to say "server[key].inc()" or "server[key].dec()"
  2. I need the ability to handle potentially thousands of writes to a single key simultaneously. I don't want to deal with excessive resource contention. Change the value and get out - that's all I need.

I know memcached supports inc/dec, but it's not persistent. My strategy at this point is going to be to use a SQL server behind a queueing system of some sort such that there's only one process updating the database. It just seems... harder than it should be.

Is there something someone can recommend?

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Redis is a key-value store that supports several data types. Integer is present, along with incr and decr commands.

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Still a bit more than what I want, but I'll take it. Thanks. – dave mankoff Jan 22 '11 at 19:06

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