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I'm new to rails but getting a pretty good handle on it, but my javascript/jquery knowledge is virtually nil. I have watched Ryan Bates' Railscast on building complex forms, but I'm looking for a slightly more up-to-date, less obtrusive solution to my problem.

Essentially I have a sample batch creation form, and I would like it to accept nested attributes for a has_many :through association to a series of tests (assays) that can be performed on the batch. It makes the most sense to list these assays as a series of checkboxes. It does not make sense to initialize the form with assays.count many associations because on submission there would almost certainly be several nil associations created along with the desired associations (If I am wrong on this, feel free to set me straight, I'm a blank slate). Consequently, it makes the most sense to me that I should be creating/destroying new association instance upon click/unclick of the checkboxes, but I'm new enough to not be sure exactly how to approach this with rails and jquery/javascript.

I'm not looking for big honking chunk of code where you do my work for me, I'd be more than happy with a few links to some current guides on similar subjects as my searches have been fruitless. Thanks!

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You could initialize the form with assays.count objects because you can easily get rid of blank ones thanks to reject_if:

  accepts_nested_attributes_for :projects, :reject_if => lambda { |c| c[:title].blank? }

If you want to find alternatives, check there:

Ok it's obstrusive js but in the comments someone provides an unobstrusive solution

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Thanks, I ran into that just earlier this afternoon. Can't believe I completely missed it. Thanks for the tip! – Robert Brandin Jan 23 '11 at 0:51

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