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Is there any Wordpress commenting system with Facebook/Open ID/Twitter login? I know Disqus or Intense Debate but I don't like them because the comments aren't hosted on my server. I want full control. I can find plugins for Facebook and Twitter separately, but not together. Is there any way to do what Intense Debate can do without a 3rd party hosting involved?

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Disqus will give you nearly full control. Check out their moderation tools. –  coreyward Jan 22 '11 at 4:04

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I use a combination of both twitter and facebook plugins that work in harmony on my site, they are made by the same developer.

Simple Twitter Connect

Simple Facebook Connect

You can see them working in tandem on my blog.

(No longer using WordPress)

Back to using wordpress!

This does what you want and more, pretty slick.

Social Plugin for Wordpress

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