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I have a string which will always be at least a number, but can also contain letters before and/or after the number:

"Section 2"
"4 Section"
"Section 5 Aisle"

I need to split the string like this:

"4" becomes "4"
"Section 2" becomes "Section ","2"
"4 Aisle" becomes "4"," Aisle"
"Section 5 Aisle" becomes "Section ","5"," Aisle"

How can I do this with Ruby 1.9.2?

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String#split will keep any groups from the delimiter regexp in the result array.

parts = whole.split(/(\d+)/)
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In case you didn't really want the whitespace in the separators, and you did want to have a consistent handle on the before/after, use this:

test = [
  "Section 2",
  "4 Section",
  "Section 5 Aisle",

require 'pp'
pp test.map{ |str| str.split(/\s*(\d+)\s*/,-1) }
#=> [["", "4", ""],
#=>  ["Section", "2", ""],
#=>  ["", "4", "Section"],
#=>  ["Section", "5", "Aisle"]]

Thus you could always do:

prefix, digits, suffix = str.split(/\s*(\d+)\s*/,-1)
if prefix.empty?

...instead of testing the length of your matches or some such.

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