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Hi i am an android newbie looking for some advice.

Have a look at the attached image of mashable's android app.

It so gorgeous and look even better than their website.

Any advise would be truly appreciated.

alt text

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migrate it to – Vikas Patidar Jan 22 '11 at 7:07

If you are an Android newbie, maybe you should start with a simpler UI for whatever you are trying to make. I have not seen any tutorial on how to make a UI like the one you have attached. You should probably be a programmer and a graphic designer to create such images.

Anyhow there are a bunch of freesoftware out there that can get you started, check out (it is a free software alternative to android market)

You can browse the applications on the homepage or download fdroid directly from android market and browse using the fdroid app.

If you find a UI you like then you can simply go to the page and download it.

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There are some excellent videos on this from Google's IO conference:



Note that 2010 has something called "The world of ListView." That image you show seems a variant of Android's Listview.

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