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there is a way to generate thrift description file for existing java classes using refletion? Avro has that feature, but i need to use thrift and i have a lot of existing business class in java that i need to serialize in c++ and java.

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Not from the library directly; thrift generates it's own classes and some validation code so that both "ends" (client/server) can inter-operate without error. You should write code to map your business objects to thrift objects.

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Thank for the answer i have seen that. I think that into thrift library there will be some utility code to facilitate this, because in many enterprise java project, already exist some business class. Anyway thanks again for replay – Claudio Bisegni Jan 28 '11 at 8:50

Enter Swift:

git clone
cd swift ; mvn package

In particular swift2thrift. Markup your classes as here:

and run:

MY_CLASSES=$HOME/ExampleService/target/ExampleService-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar  # just an example
cd ~/ExampleService ; mvn compile package && java -cp ~/swift/target/swift2thrift-generator-cli-0.15.0-SNAPSHOT-standalone.jar:$MY_CLASSEScom.facebook.swift.generator.swift2thrift.Main -package net.mycompany ExampleService -map ExampleService path/to/base.thrift -namespace py mycompany.thrift -namespace java net.mycompany.thrift -namespace cpp mycompany

outputs Thrift .idls for existsing Java classes.

Also see: Can generate .thrift files from existing java/scala interfaces and data types?

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