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My question is simple. Are all unicode characters available in Android? I actually am using the soft keyboard and i want to add a few arabic letters which i cant find the code for it.

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Android supports UTF-8 but you will not be able to use arabic, if its not installed in your os. There are ways to install new fonts. But some of them needs jailbreaking your phone.

See link for installing font in android.


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It does not appear so. This open issue on the android code site lists many missing characters.

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add font (.ttf) containing characters to /system/fonts, modify /system/etc/fallback_fonts.xml so android finds font then reboot. Everything should be working now

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To make the answer more complete, you could also tell if this solution requires jailbreaking the mobile phone. –  pablosaraiva Feb 26 '13 at 16:43

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