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In my website, I am using MySQL database. I am using a webservice where in I do all my database related manipulations.

Now In one of the methods of that webservice, I get the following Error.

select command denied to user ''@'' for table ''

What could be wrong?

Please Help and Suggest.


Below is the code where I get that error. I tried debugging and found that it fails at the line

MySqlDataReader result1 = command1.ExecuteReader();

        String addSQL = "Select Max(`TradeID`) from `jsontest`.`tbl_Positions";
        MySqlConnection objMyCon = new MySqlConnection(strProvider);
        MySqlCommand command = objMyCon.CreateCommand();

        command.CommandText = addSQL;
         MySqlDataReader result = command.ExecuteReader();
        //int j = command.ExecuteNonQuery();
         while (result.Read())
             MaxTradeID = Convert.ToInt32(result[0]);
        for (i = 1; i <= MaxTradeID; i++)
            String newSQL = "Select `Strike`,`LongShort`,`Current`,`TPLevel`,`SLLevel` from `json`.`tbl_Position` where `TradeID` = '" + i + "'";
            MySqlConnection objMyCon1 = new MySqlConnection(strProvider);
            MySqlCommand command1 = objMyCon1.CreateCommand();

            command1.CommandText = newSQL;
            MySqlDataReader result1 = command1.ExecuteReader();
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Hopefully the OP sorted this by now, but I ran into this error when I had a field name misspelled in my query. That wasted 30 minutes of my day! – Kenzo Aug 23 '13 at 12:32

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database user does not have the permission to do select query.

you can grant the permission to the user if you have root access to mysql


Your second query is on different database on different table.

 String newSQL = "Select `Strike`,`LongShort`,`Current`,`TPLevel`,`SLLevel` from `json`.`tbl_Position` where `TradeID` = '" + i + "'";

And the user you are connecting with does not have permission to access data from this database or this particular table.

Have you consider this thing?

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I'm sure the original poster's issue has long since been resolved. However, I had this same issue, so I thought I'd explain what was causing this problem for me.

I was doing a union query with two tables -- 'foo' and 'foo_bar'. However, in my SQL statement, I had a typo: 'foo.bar'

So, instead of telling me that the 'foo.bar' table doesn't exist, the error message indicates that the command was denied -- as though I don't have permissions.

Hope this helps someone.

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had the same problem – Mark Steudel Feb 7 '14 at 22:17
Nice catch! I was looking for user permission instead of typos. – Olivier.Roger Feb 21 '14 at 10:24
In my case (Java Hibernate app) a stray @Table.catalog annotation was overriding the database name supplied in the connection string. – Alex R Jun 1 '15 at 1:54
This was also the root cause for me, a typo. From a security perspective it makes sense to give an access denied error because if a cracker is trying to figure out table names by trying various names getting a “doesn’t exist” error would indicate which table names do in fact exist at which point they could apply brute force to figure out the username and password. Given in my experience how simple usernames and passwords are (usually <10 characters of concat'd dictionary words) it probably wouldn't take that long either... – Kurt Wagner Sep 24 '15 at 16:21
In my case, it was because some query code (like the data) had been copied from a SQL Server database, and the dbo. didn't work in the MySQL database: when dbo.tablename was changed to tablename, it executed without error. – Doug_Ivison Jun 14 at 13:35

This problem happened to me because I had the hibernate.default_schema set to a different database than the one in the DataSource.

Being strict on my mysql user permissions, when hibernate tried to query a table it queried the one in the hibernate.default_schema database for which the user had no permissions.

Its unfortunate that mysql does not correctly specify the database in this error message, as that would've cleared things up straight away.

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I had a catalog attribute set to the wrong schema name in the XML mapping of an old application - different flavour, but in the end a similar culprit. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. – Giulio Piancastelli May 12 at 8:35

You need to grant SELECT permissions to the MySQL user who is connecting to MySQL. See:



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The problem is most probably between a . and a _. Say in my query I put


instead of


So I think MySQL would think LOCATION as a database name and was giving access privilege error.

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I had the exact same error message doing a database export via Sequel Pro on a mac. I was the root user so i knew it wasn't permissions. Then i tried it with mysqldump and got a different error message: Got error: 1449: The user specified as a definer ('joey'@'') does not exist when using LOCK TABLES

Ahh, I had restored this database from a backup on the dev site and I hadn't created that user on this machine. "grant all on . to 'joey'@'' identified by 'joeypass'; " did the trick.


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if you are working from a windows forms application this worked for me "server=localhost; user id=dbuser; password=password; database=dbname; Use Procedure Bodies=false;"

just add the "Use Procedure Bodies=false" at the end of your conection string.

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I had the same problem. I was very frustrating with it. Maybe this is not answering the question, but I just want to share my error experience, and there may be others who suffered like me. Evidently it was just my low accuracy.

I had this:

SELECT t_comment.username,a.email FROM t_comment
    SELECT username,email FROM t_un
) a
ON t_comment.username,a.email

which is supposed to be like this:

SELECT t_comment.username,a.email FROM t_comment
    SELECT username,email FROM t_un
) a
ON t_comment.username=a.username

Then my problem was resolved on that day, I'd been struggled in two hours, just for this issue.

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As with Pisces22 (and myself), another problem that actually had nothing to do with the error message re' permissions. (Note: others have just as much difficulty seeing this difference, as you did, so for others: in the ON clause, ,a.email was corrected to =a.username) – Doug_Ivison Jun 14 at 13:31

Similar to other answers I had miss typed the query.

I had -

SELECT t.id FROM t.table LEFT JOIN table2 AS t2 ON t.id = t2.table_id

Should have been

SELECT t.id FROM table AS t LEFT JOIN table2 AS t2 ON t.id = t2.table_id

Mysql was trying to find a database called t which the user didn't have permission for.

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I had the same problem. This is related to hibernate. I changed the database from dev to production in hibernate.cfg.xml but there were catalog attribute in other hbm.xml files with the old database name and it was causing the issue.

Instead of telling incorrect database name, it showed Permission denied error.

So make sure to change the database name everywhere or just remove the catalog attribute

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select command denied to user ''@'' for table ''

This problem is a basically generated after join condition are wrong database name in your join query. So please check the your select query in join table name after database.

Then solve it for example its correct ans ware

string g = " SELECT `emptable`.`image` , `applyleave`.`id` , `applyleave`.`empid` , `applyleave`.`empname` , `applyleave`.`dateapply` , `applyleave`.`leavename` , `applyleave`.`fromdate` , `applyleave`.`todate` , `applyleave`.`resion` , `applyleave`.`contact` , `applyleave`.`leavestatus` , `applyleave`.`username` , `applyleave`.`noday` FROM `DataEMP_ems`.`applyleave` INNER JOIN `DataEMP_ems`.`emptable` ON ( `applyleave`.`empid` = `emptable`.`empid` ) WHERE ( `applyleave`.`leavestatus` = 'panding' ) ";

The join table is imputable and applyleave on the same database but online database name is diffrent then given error on this problem.

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