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i don't know anything about WPF. so a question has come to my mind that when we develop apps in WPF that can be run as web application without changing code. please comment. thanks.

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My first suggestion would be to actually read something, somewhere about WPF as you'll quickly understand the scope of the technology. –  Lazarus Jan 22 '11 at 9:16

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WPF runs on the client. It is what replaces WinForms. Silverlight was intended for the web. It is a subset of WPF and it allows you to embed into a web page just like Flash.

For web development I would recommend you ASP.NET MVC.

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WPF is a graphic user interface technology for windows client application. So you cannot do web applications with WPF ( i'm simplying , it is not entirely true ). If you want to create an application that runs in a browser , you can use Silverlight which is a different solution. So to sum up. If you want to create a software like photoshop , use WPF. if you want to make a website ( web apps are web sites ), use Silverlight ( or javascript and HTML or Flash ... ).

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Have a look at the XBAP variation of WPF too. See if it fits your need.

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WPF is the best technology for windows development. It's very easy to learn and use. Though it's not as mature as WinForms but is surely worth trying. I am developing a register maintenance application and feel like home. You can go through following links to quickly grab this technology

1) MSDN Documentation

2) WPF Tutorials

3) WPF Sample Applications

Best of luck and Happy Learning

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