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how can I write captcha with sum of two numbers ?example:1+4 (please answer to this question completely,I don't know any thing about captcha!)

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Why would you want that? Computers can add too, you know... –  CodesInChaos Jan 22 '11 at 10:22

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The purpose of a captcha is to tell apart real, live humans from automated software.

So captchas ask people to do stuff people are good at, but machines are not. Once machines get capable of something, captachas have to change and do something else. Simple text isn't working anymore, since OCR got good enough to automatically read it - hence, the distorted text you see often nowadays. Will probably be replaced by something else in the near future, like "what type of thing is shown in this picture" or such.

The easier the task for a computer, the less suited it is for a Captcha.

Adding two numbers is not a good idea for a captcha; in fact, its effectiveness is probably below zero.

Please check again what you want to do and why. If you want to write your own captcha instead of using something that's already there, put some thought in it first before implementation.

Maybe using ReCAPTCHA or something similar is the better way to go about it?

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CAPTCHA is an acronym for:

Turing-test to tell    
Computers and    

CAPTCHA code was created to stop automated computer spam robots from filling out forms, harvesting email addresses, and then sending out countless spam emails.

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