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I have a read/seek input stream of a video file (.avi mpeg4\xVid\ect..) in C# and I would like to stream it to a video player with jump to moment X feature enabled. How can I implement this?
I heard that RTP might be a good protocol.

What I'm really looking for is a library in C# that will help me out.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, Streamcoders solution is very good if you have some €1890. But if you do not want to pay money you should look at some free libraries or write your own from scratch.

Take a look at these articles with C# sources:
RTP VOIP Library Project
How to use the managed RTP classes in .NET

And another good articles at CodeProject:
How to Build a .NET Softphone in C# with SIP, SDP, RTP and RTCP
How to use the managed RTP API classes in .NET to create your multicasting systems

Please do not forget to share your WPF library when you will implement it.

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There is a much more flexible solution depending on the problem..

It also contains a RFC2435 Encoder / Decoder all using managed code.

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