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In VS 2010 express there are a few library projects (dlls) attached to the application project. When building the solution the dlls output to bin/Release/. Is there a way to have the .exe output to bin/Release and the dlls to bin/Release/dll?

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This requires either a .config file with the <probing> element or implementing AppDomain.AssemblyResolve so that the CLR can find these DLLs. You'll have a deployment problem too, you have to convince ClickOnce to publish these DLLs. Realistically should only attempt this with the retail edition of Visual Studio so you can create a Setup project.

Fwiw: your customer won't mind that the DLLs are in the same folder as the EXE. I think most actually strongly prefer this. I do.

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You could always have a post build event on the application project that copies all .dll files to a dll directory.

However the assembly loader will not be able to find the dll file and you application will not start.

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