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I have been searching around for a good resource on how to do this with no luck. I am using the jQuery datatables plugin with serverside processing along with pipelining enabled(example). I have this working in my asp.net webforms project and will be moving to MVC for future projects. I am taking care of server side processing with the class found Here. I have also been looking through the article found Here related to the pagination.

Basically what I need to do is create this type of pagination with the datatables plugin and server side processing(pipelining is not necessarily important here)

NOTE: By twitter/style paging I am referring either to:

  • A single button at the bottom of the table that brings back additional results appended to the existing content in the table
  • Additional results loading infinitely as the user reaches the end of the current results via scrolling(NOTE: I have discovered that this functionality is built into the datatables plugin so I need to focus on the previous method).

Ultimately I would like to have the choice between both styles of pagination above.

Doest anyone have any good advice and/or samples/tutorials to share?

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Did this ever get figured out? I have the same issue two years later. – TJ Sherrill May 31 '13 at 22:08

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