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i am currently programming in euler (mathematics) the problem is i need to split the first 10 numbers and the latst 2

: 012345678912 =

0123456789 12

i can do this by using the substring method but i need to calculate further with the first 10 numbers so what i can do is cast the string back to an int but i have no idea how to do it .. can anyone help me ?

thanks in advance

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An easier way is to get the last 2 digits using the modulo operator:

012345678912 % 100 = 12

And then getting the rest by doing integer division by 100:

012345678912 // 100 = 123456789

The exact syntax needed varies depending on the language.

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Depends on your programming language.

In C#, it would be the following: int.Parse(s.Substring(0, s.Length - 2));

However, I would do it mathematically as Sebastian P. detailed.

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indeed i used ceil ((number/100) - 1) so the number it returned was all before the last 2 numbers.. worked thanks alot ! –  kyosuki Jan 22 '11 at 15:46

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