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When I have a TextView with a \n in the text,, on the right I have two singleLine TextViews, one below the other with no spacing in between. I have set the following for all three TextViews.

 android:lineSpacingMultiplier="1" android:lineSpacingExtra="0pt" android:paddingTop="0pt" android:paddingBottom="0pt"

The first line of the left TextView lines up perfectly with the top right TextView. The second line of the left TextView is a little higher than the second line of the bottom right TextView.

It seems that there is some kind of hidden padding on the top and the bottom of the TextViews. How can I remove that?

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try to set gravity of this textview to center_vertical –  Dawid Hyży Nov 6 '13 at 11:55

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See this:

Align ImageView with EditText horizontally

It seems that the background image of EditText has some transparent pixels which also add padding.

A solution is to change the default background of EditText to something else (or nothing, but no background for a EditText is probably not acceptable). That's can be made setting android:background XML attribute.

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I feel your pain. I've tried every answer above, including the setIncludeFontPadding to false, which did nothing for me.

My solution? layout_marginBottom="-3dp" on the textView gives you a solution for the bottom, BAM!

Although, -3dp on layout_marginTop fails....ugh.

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This can lead to the bottom of the text potentially getting cut off –  Jason Robinson May 7 at 14:55

setIncludeFontPadding (boolean includepad)

Set whether the TextView includes extra top and bottom padding to make room for accents that go above the normal ascent and descent. The default is true.

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perfect answer!!! in xml it is android:includeFontPadding="false" –  Patrick Boos Aug 9 '11 at 10:44
This was driving me nuts for days. Thanks a ton! –  Thomas Keller Nov 21 '12 at 0:26
Thanks a lot man ,You saved a lot of time of mine . –  Deepak Sharma Jun 19 at 15:12
But it seems always has a 1dp top/bottom padding, am i wrong?(I use Developer options -> Show layout bounds) –  Autobots Jul 1 at 11:34
includeFontPadding="false" does remove some of the space, but not all of it. very strange. –  mattblang Jul 7 at 15:59

This annoyed me too, and the answer I found was that there is actually additional space in the font itself, not the TextView. It is rather irritating, coming from a document publishing background, the limited amount of control you have with Android over typographic elements. I'd recommend using a custom typeface (such as Bitstream Vera Sans, which is licensed for redistribution) that may not have this issue. I'm not sure specifically whether or not it does, though.

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do you have some free font to point me to? I need to have no margin on top without assigning negative margins! Thank you! –  vault Jan 23 '13 at 9:51

To my knowledge this is inherent to most widgets and the amount of "padding" differs among phone manufacturers. This padding is really white space between the image border and the image in the 9 patch image file.

For example on my Droid X, spinner widgets get extra white space than buttons, which makes it look awkward when you have a spinner inline with a button, yet on my wife's phone the same application doesn't have the same problem and looks great!

The only suggestion I would have is to create your own 9 patch files and use them in your application.

Ahhh the pains that are Android.

Edited: Clarify padding vs white space.

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You might want to try aligning the bottom of the left text view with the bottom of the 2nd right text view.

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But then the top line would not line up. And actually I do not care about them lining up as much as I would really like to remove the spacing. –  George Bailey Jan 22 '11 at 15:50

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