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I am aware that we can make templates of domains in weblogic very easily using config_builder script. Is there a similar thing in websphere?

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I know nothing about WebLogic, but fix pack 9 for WebSphere added something you may find useful. The wsadmin command AdminTask.extractConfigProperties with GenerateTemplates and PortablePropertiesFile options set to true will generate a portable, editable file transferable to another cell. AdminTask.applyConfigProperties is used to read your edited output and apply the properties to a new cell, server, etc. I haven't tried this yet outside of a controlled sandbox environment; so, I'm not sure what pitfalls may await you. But if you have a ton of servers to build, it may be worth your time to do some experimentation.

Here's the IBM doc on the topic.

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As far as i know i don't think there is such a capability.

You can use the default product shipped profiles to start with and create the servers and configure them the way you want.

These servers can then be used as a template to build other servers.

I am not sure if this helps you but i thought i would point this out.


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