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I have a Perl script that I'd like to run on Windows, using either Strawberry Perl or ActivePerl; I don't care which. This script however, uses flock() calls, which does not seem to be included in either of those versions of Perl.

Can anyone help get this up and running?

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Is the Fcntl module installed? Try this:

perl.exe -MFcntl -e 1

If it complains, you don't have the Fcntl module installed. If it doesn't complain, then you have access to Fcntl::flock, so put this in your script:

use Fcntl qw(:DEFAULT :flock);

and off you go.

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Try using perldoc -f flock to check the things are supported & then look into the given example to know the usage criteria of the function. Here copied from the perldoc:

C:>perldoc -f flock

 use Fcntl ':flock'; # import LOCK_* constant

 sub lock {
     # and, in case someone appended
     # while we were waiting...
     seek(MBOX, 0, 2);

 sub unlock {

 open(MBOX, ">>/usr/spool/mail/$ENV{'USER'}")
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