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I want to create an STL or Sim application toolkit, which will create a menu in SIM card and you can set to send USSD data when a menu created. I tried everything on google, nothing works.

I have Smart Card reader, I have empty/blank SIM cards, I have working SIM cards and even if needed I can send Operator SMS.

But how? There is NO ANY document in internet (at least I was not able to find).

Please help me about it, thanks.

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It's been a while since you asked, but maybe I can still help - go to http://developer.gemalto.com and ask them for trail version of their Gemalto Developer Suite.

There are a few examples included. Menu item creation is one of them. As for SMS sending, you can find some code here: https://developer.gemalto.com/nc/forums.html?view=single_thread&cat_uid=1&conf_uid=7&thread_uid=1121 and in other topics of this forum.

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  1. Get a Java SIM or Java USIM development card. This is NOT EASY to get, as usually only big vendors that have this kind of cards and they do not sell the cards. It will be too much effort if you're using Native card.
  2. Ensure that you get the keys for managing the card/applet. Also ensure to have the version of JavaCard and version of 3GPP specifications.
  3. Download the 3GPP TS 43.019 specification here, with the correct version. This document explains the SIM APIs. You may want to focus on ToolkitRegistry.initMenuEntry(), EVENT_MENU_SELECTION, and ProactiveHandler class
  4. Configure your development environment with correct JavaCard library and correct SIM API library.
  5. Create the applet with processToolkit() method as the main entry point
  6. Generate the CAP file and load it to card
  7. Do not forget to set the correct installation parameters for the applet when do the installation
  8. If you're not familiar with the Proactive Command, please refer to 3GPP TS 11.14. And for the SMS content under SMS TPDU, please refer to 3GPP TS 03.40
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