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What is the smallest Java SVG engine (least/smallest jars) that actually works? If your answer is Batik, what is the minimal dep. graph for getting this to work in a simple Java application?

I've looked at the dependency graph on the Batik site, but it looks like a typical Apache mess. Are there better alternatives?

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SVG Salamander claims to be much smaller thank Batik. It's hard not to believe them. Whether it's as full featured, I can't say, but a co-worker said good things about it.

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SVG Salamander is a small dependency, but has rendering issues with some SVG features, namely CSS. Latest release spits this to console with an Optimized SVG from Inkscape: Mar 17, 2016 4:24:08 PM com.kitfox.svg.xml.StyleSheet parseSheet WARNING: CSS parser not implemented yet. Which in my testing, can result in missing color information or other rendering oddities, depending on the features used. In the testing I'm performing, it's single-color shapes, and they appear black when rendered using SVG Salamander. – QZ Support Mar 17 at 20:27

Another option is JFreeSVG, the jar file is 45k only (it provides an SVGGraphics2D implementation that is not only small but also fast - see this blog post for details).

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This answer is a bit misleading as JFreeSVG creates SVGs, it doesn't render them, per their forum: "Rendering SVG within a Java application is a different problem, and not one that JFreeSVG attempts to solve." jfree.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=117136 – QZ Support Mar 17 at 14:47
Sure, it depends what the original poster meant by "SVG engine" - a generator or a renderer? Batik does both, JFreeSVG does generation only. – David Gilbert Mar 17 at 16:08

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