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Assuming the following:

irb> x
irb> => {"_id"=> 123456, "welcome"=>"Hi!", "welcome2" => "Enjoy your stay!"}
irb> coll.class
irb> => Mongo::Collection

How can I use the raw mongo-ruby-driver to update the document corresponding to x by using both the rewriting method and the atomic update method? (See

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given your example output, if you want to use the rewriting method it would be like this:

coll.update({"_id" => x["_id"]}, x)

or if you want to atomically change a value, it would be like this:

coll.update({"_id" => x["_id"]}, {"$set" => {"welcome" => "Hello There"}})
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This works swimmingly, thanks! – Philip Wernersbach Feb 7 '11 at 21:53
Also, if you want to update multiple documents: coll.update({<search criteria>}, {"$set" => {<update>}}, {:multi => true }) Just thought I'd add that since I couldn't find it anywhere. – GoldfishGrenade Dec 3 '13 at 1:31

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