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i want to build a rest service via cxf. this is already done with only two objects "Earthpart" and "Earthquake". when i call localhost/earthpars i get a xml list of the earthparts with the earthquakes. but the earthquakeobject with more information {how heavy, how long, etc.} is only available with a xlink to localhost/earthquake/{id} shortly: In localhost/earthpars is only the xlink to localhost/earthquake/{id}.

now the technical part: to be honest the request was to use camel-cxf and jaxb to build a REST service. building xlinks with jaxb is possible with namespaces but thats obviously not the way to go! so the question is: is there any info about xlink in connection with jaxb anywhere or is that not the way to go for xlinks?

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You could use an XmlAdapter to convert the child object to an xlink representation. For more information on XmlAdapter see:

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awesome thanks! i was able to complete this within 30 minutes! so they are friends ^^ –  nils petersohn Jan 23 '11 at 10:26

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