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I have 3 tables
1. role (id, ...)
2. permission (id, ...)
3. role_permission (id, role_id, permission_id)

I want to do the next: i should select all roles and all permissions for this roles with help of one query. My test query:

SELECT `rp`.*, `r`.`role`, `r`.`id` AS `role_id`, `p`.`id` AS 
`permission_id`,`p`.`name` AS `permission` FROM `role_permission` AS `rp` RIGHT JOIN 
`role` AS `r` ON = rp.role_id RIGHT JOIN `permission` AS `p` ON = rp.permission_id

But this query select only those roles, what have permissions. But i need to select all roles and all permissions (exist row in role_permission or not).

Thank you in advance. Sorry for my english.

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You need to select all roles in a query, then all permissions in another, cross them and finally left join to role_permissions to produce the full list of roles x permissions

SELECT rp.*, r.role, AS role_id, AS permission_id, AS permission
FROM permission AS p
LEFT JOIN role_permission AS rp ON = rp.permission_id
  AND = rp.role_id

The cross join gives you a full matrix of role x permission combinations, and the LEFT join succeeds even if the row in role_permission doesn't have any entries for a row (role, permission) in the full matrix.

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Thanks. Your query is perfect. – Jan 22 '11 at 22:06

You want a left join.

    r.role, as role_id, as permission_id

from role

left join role_permission rp on rp.role_id =
left join permission p on = rp.permission_id

This will give you the permissions for all roles with permissions, as well as a null permission_id for roles without permissions.

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This answer is incorrect. See mine below for the reason. A role with permissions 1,2 will show 2 rows here and will never show 3,4 that do not have an entry in role_permission for the role. – RichardTheKiwi Jan 22 '11 at 22:03
Sorry, but incorrect. This query returns all roles. But role has permissions. I want to select all permissions too. See @cyberwiki answer. He is right. – Jan 22 '11 at 22:07

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