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I've looked through the existing threads on IronPython and IDEs without finding an answer.

If I don't need to support Python 3, is there a practical way to do IronPython development fully inside the VS 2k10 IDE like I used to with FORTRAN.net?

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IronPython 2.7 includes VS 2010 support - it's still only a beta but if you download and install it there's an option to install VS support. That includes a project system, intellisense, a REPL window, object browsing, etc...

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I'm afraid the answer is no. I have had bad luck with IronPython, especially when native modules are in play (even when they're part of the standard library). However, there is IronPython Studio, which is built on VS2008 and IPyDD. I don't think .NET is ready for Python yet :(

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Ironpython Studio has not been updated since 1.1 Do not use. –  WombatPM Jan 28 '11 at 3:54

VS 2008 No.

VS2010 The extension module is fine, but it does not allow you to compile to an exe from within VS2010.

I prefer Sharpdevelop 3.5 or later. I don't know if #develop supports FORTRAN.NET though.

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