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I'm trying to figure out how to run integration tests that are storybased and where AJAX redirects appear during the 'story'.

Simple login example: I login to the website using

def user.logs_in(email, pwd)
    get root_path

    assert_response :success
    assert_template 'index'

    post :post, session_path, :email => email, :pwd => pwd

    assert_response :redirect
    assert_redirect_to backend_path


    assert_response :success
    assert_template 'index'
    assert session[:user_id]

Unfortunately the login process is AJAX based and insted of a 301-redirect it returns

document.location.href = "<%= backend_path >";

which gives back a 200-code meaning that

assert_response :redirect


How can i handle AJAX redirects in my integration tests?

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If there is no redirect, of course you won't be able to (successfully) test for it. So instead test for what you are doing: You want the response to be a 200 and the body to be a Javascript snippet. Or just use assert_template, too.

If you want to test if your Javascript-Login-Button actually evals the js body and how the browser reacts to that you would have to use something like Selenium.

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