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I need to run a simple (SELECT * FROM tbl1 WHERE Col1=x) then use the single row that results from this query to perform math on another query. For example, the outer query could be SELECT tbl2.col4 * tbl1.col5 AS firstResult

Basically, tbl1 is full of numeric statistical weights that I need to use to multiply on the values in tbl2. the query on tbl1 will only ever return 1 row.

I would be perfectly happy joining the resulting tbl1 row to all returned tbl2 rows and then doing math, but I have no join values in the tables. I tried to add a '1' AS JoinID to both tables, but that didn't work either.

Thanks guys, Chris

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First thing came to my mind was to use something like this:

select tbl2.col4 * tbl1x.col5 from tbl2, (select * from tbl1 where col1 = x) as tbl1x;

if I'm getting your question right.

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Thanks Mike. Can't believe I over looked that. – Dakine83 Jan 22 '11 at 23:30

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