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In my Wordpress site I've created, I'm having issues hiding or not displaying one of the category titles I set up. I'll try to explain better.

Wordpress Admin Side

I have a post that is in two categories, a "Work" & "Front_Page"

Main Page / index.php

On my main index page, I have 3 features below the header image. One of those features is a "Featured Project". This is how I'm starting the loop...

    <? $frontpost = get_posts("category_name=front_page&numberposts=1");?>

Single Project Page

Now on this page, the visual layout is

Category Name

Which is called <h2 class="single_category"><?=$cat[0]->name;?></h2>

Project Title
Large Header Image
Project Desription


For whichever post I put in "Front_Page", it displays that in the Category Name. I want it to default to the main category.

Is there a way to basically say "if post is in "front_page" category, don't display "front_page" category as name?

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try posting this on wordpress.stackexchange.com instead –  Emmett Jan 23 '11 at 0:36
Ok, I am as we speak. Thanks for the tip –  Matt Jan 23 '11 at 0:52

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You could restrict whether to display the category name or not using in_category() .

   //if post is NOT in category 'front_page' display cat name
      <h2 class="single_category"><?=$cat[0]->name;?></h2>
<?php } ?>

You can place that in your single.php (or loop.php, depending on your theme) file in the area where you display the cat name.

I hope that helps!

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