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I'm looking for a simple Django app that restricts registration to users who have an invite code (for running a private beta). I'm using django-registration, so something that plays nicely with it would be great.

Looks like there are several viable options:


Given the wealth of options, I'm wondering if people have found a particular app more flexible and/or easier to work with than the others? Are there other apps that I should be aware of?

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If the proverbial wheel's simple enough, sometimes reinventing it is the cheaper option. I always just roll my own with a salted, hashed random string. Takes 20 minutes and doesn't have the integration overhead. – Kyle Wild Jan 23 '11 at 0:43
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You miss django-invitation which is really quickly integrated with django-registration.
I just had to hack it a bit to include the name of the inviter in the email message.

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django-invitation is a good choice among the four.

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