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I want to create a service that streams live traffic video to either a client browser or a client processor (which will actually process the video). I want real video, not just images that update periodically. Assume I know the basic concepts of web design (both front and back end). But assume I know nothing about streaming media.

Can someone point me in the direction to get started?

I need information concerning software, frameworks (especially if it's compatible with Ruby on Rails), encoders, converters, protocols, ... - thanks!

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What about something like tokbox?


I havent personally used it. However I have visited an on line video podcast that uses this technology. Good quality streaming.

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Thanks for the advice, although I'll probably need something that is closer to metal than this. Some of the clients will be doing video processing. I better amend my question a bit. –  JnBrymn Jan 23 '11 at 18:13

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