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On the CakePHP website it shows that you would create a users table and a groups table for users and user groups using ACL:

However most other tutorials e.g. NetTuts shows creating three tables (in addition to the users table) to use ACL:

What is the difference between the two? Thanls

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if you are asking about the extra tables named Acos,Aros and aros_acos

In both tutorial we need to use these tables.In the there is a section called Initialize the Db Acl tables where they running a command to create those tables. where as in nettuts they showing us creating it manually.

Any way cakePHP need 5 tables to run the ACL perfectly.In that Acos,Aros and aros_acos are cakePHP defined tables and Users and Groups are user defined tables.

CakePHP is storing the User permissions as a Tree with Aros(Access Request Objects means users) hasAndBeongsToMany relation with Acos (Access Control Objects means actions)

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How come in the Cake tutorial it never mentions the three tables and in the NetTuts tutorial it never mentions that the groups table? – Cameron Jan 23 '11 at 18:47
cakebook uses command line to bake it. so wheh the command cake schema create DbAcl it creates the needed tables. please go though the link which i provided. Nettuts didn't mentioned the Groups because in their sample app They are setting user wise permission only not the group wise.I think i didn't told Group is a must.I mentioned 5 tables for perfect ACL functionality – RSK Jan 24 '11 at 7:25

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