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what is the best language and approach to build the widgets website like by best i mean rapid development, performance,smoothness and by approach i mean that some one will use drag and drop plug in jquery(some issues) etc.

two functionality will be main in my site.

1) selecting the widget and then dragging on the specified position i like

2) saving the state without login for the user.

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You don't mention your existing language skills which might be the most important detail here. Also, are you prepared to learn a new language/framework for this project?

Some generic advice assuming you would be using Java: since the site in consideration looks more like a web application as opposed to a "web site", a framework which supports rich controls/Ajax natively might work wonders here. A GWT based framework like SmartGWT might be an interesting candidate.

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no i am just open to everything . just wants the best thing i can find. – maz3tt Jan 23 '11 at 6:22

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