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I want to define a shell-function named "select" (can you guess what I want it for?). This is tricky because select is a shell-builtin.

I have tried something this:

function select() {
  echo "select"

but when I try it on the command-line I get this error:

bash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'

I have tried to turn the builtin off, but to no avail:

> enable -n select
bash: enable: select: not a shell builtin

So my question is: How can I define a bash-function named "select"?

Many thanks!

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That is a bash reserved word, so you will not be able to define any function with that name. Your error is because bash expects the rest of the normal select construction

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why can't you choose another name? select is reserved for bash.

function Select(){
 echo "select"
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